Read-a-thons 2016!

Hey all!

Here I have complied a list of all the read-a-thons I know of, happening all through 2016. Obviously this is not every read-a-thon out there so if you guys know of any happening in 2016 I would love to hear about it in the comments below. This list will be constantly updated as I hear more so keep checking back here!


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Benchwarmers)

1st-7th: New Year’s Readathon 2.0 (Instagram)

3rd-9th: Biannual Bibliothon

4th-10th: Bout of Books 15

4th-10th: #TBRTakedown

16th-17th: 24in48 Readathon


1st- 29th: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-30th: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)

23rd: Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)

?Harry Potter Readathon


1st-30th: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)

?: BookTube-A-Thon


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-30th: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-30th: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


1st-31st: #AYearAThon (Theme TBC)


I know that there aren’t many read-a-thons on here as of yet but as I learn about more read-a-thons I will definitely add to this list! Let me know if I missed one!


Author: yourbestbookpal

I am a proud fangirl who loves to find new reads and share them with you all! I am open to any read but YA is definitely my favourite! Please feel free to talk to me and recommend me any books or ask for any recommendations, I'd love to see what you're up to!

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