Are You Still There? by Sarah Lynn Scheerger Review (No Spoilers)

Thank you NetGalley and Snook Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Okay, I just finished Are You Still There by Sarah Lynn Scheerger and I really enjoyed it! I found the storyline to be so easy to fall into and so gripping! I loved the suspense and I think Scheerger kept the sense of mystery going throughout which definitely puts this book into the category of books that are so quick and easy to read. I loved it!

Let’s talk about characters. One of the most beautiful features about this book is how unique and individual each character is. Each of them had completely different traits that set them aside from the rest of the group but because they were so different, they had a great connection. One of my favourite characters was Janae, I thought she was so interesting and funny and so not who I would imagine Gabi to be friends with that it was so refreshing to see people who are stereotypically opposite so at ease together. That was another thing I loved about this book. It was so powerful and wasn’t afraid to teach a lesson about very delicate topics like suicide and bullying and terrorism. Scheerger handled these topics so delicately and her free prose through the Stranger’s Manifestos captured this beautifully.

Related to this, I think that the final reveal was so poignant and I definitely did not clock the ending which was so refreshing as I thought I had figured it out straight away! This is probably one of the only mystery books I have ever read and I am so glad I got sent this because I am now searching and searching for more and more mystery books! However, I’m afraid that no one will be able to captivate me like Sarah Lynn Scheerger did! The plot was so gripping and the twists were so unexpected and they were written so normally so you have to read the same sentence over and over again until it actually sinks in.
Put the book down. Breathe. Pick the book back up again.
Honestly guys I would recommend this book so much, it is so fast-paced and so unexpected. Really recommend.

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